The Law

Do you want to take legal action but not sure if the law is on your side? but you don’t know where to start?

At the Haven Network, we believe in the importance of empowering survivors of abuse.

We do this not only by providing emotional support but by making resources accessible to you, smoothing your path toward a brighter future.

Too often we meet survivors of abuse who, for years, didn’t know that what they were experiencing was against the law.

Whether for cultural or religious reasons or simply due to a lack of information, many victims are made to believe that the abuse they are subject to is acceptable.

The Law – There is never an excuse for abuse!

Whatever circumstances you are faced with, here you will find links to the relevant the law in the UK and UK legislation.

The laws here have been designed to safeguard your rights and ensure your protection.

There are a number of agencies who provide free, confidential legal advice to victims of abuse.

If you feel you would benefit from being put in touch with an organisation who can explore the legal aspects of your case with you in more detail, we may be able to assist you.