Our Partners

Since 1982, our founder Chris has been relentlessly campaigning to raise awareness and change policy.  

Her pioneering work with victims/ survivors has led to a recognition by the statutory sector of the need to provide proper care and support; support which we carry out in conjunction with many other organisations.

Through Haven and the dedication of our volunteers, fundraisers and partners, this agency is able to provide support to all victims/survivors of childhood sexual abuse and sexual violence.

In addition, sexual violence, gang violence, rape, domestic violence and forced marriage.

The wide-ranging work we do is often in partnership with the police, other third-party agencies such as Victim Support, social services, the courts, medical practitioners and other relevant statutory and voluntary agencies.

This collaboration allows us to provide a rounded service and enables us to put victims/survivors in touch with other organisations that may be of additional assistance.

Alongside the restorative work we do alongside other professionals, we work with colleges, universities and schools in order to educate on abusive behaviour including gang-related issues.

This partnership is invaluable as it allows us to reach out directly to those most at risk.

Anyone working with or supporting victims /survivors of abuse and speak at conferences and seminars to share the knowledge and expertise, we have gained from delivering direct services to survivors for over three decades.

In collaboration with our partners, we continue to work to improve the public’s understanding and awareness of the complex issues surrounding sexual violence and abuses

In particular the effects of sexual and domestic violence against women and girls.  (VAWG).