Fundraising for the Haven Network…

Do you like volunteering and fundraising for charity?

Are you good at baking?

Do you enjoy running?

Are you having a jumble sale?

If you have an opportunity to fundraise, we’d appreciate you keeping the Haven Network in mind…

We believe in helping others and in sharing our experience and knowledge.

As a not-for-profit charitable organisation which is run mainly by volunteers, we aim to keep costs down and our overheads as low as possible.

Even so, there are costs to operating a charity and we rely on funds from government grants, private donations and local fundraising to help us continue the work that we do.

So whether you can organise a cake stall, complete a sponsored run, or sell a few unwanted items in order to raise money, we will be incredibly grateful for your support.

If you would like to help us raise funds or wish to make a donation to support victims/survivors of abuse, please Contact Us.


Fund-raise or fund·raise [fuhnd-reyz] 

verb (used with object), fund-raised, fund-rais·ing.

to collect by fund-raising: The charity needs to fund-raise more than a million dollars.

verb (used without object), fund-raised, fund-rais·ing.

to engage in fund-raising.

fund-raising or fund·rais·ing [fuhnd-rey-zing]

noun; the act or process of raising funds, as for nonprofit organizations or for a political cause.