Women’s Support

“Don’t be ashamed of your story it will inspire others”  Anonymous

At the Haven Network, we believe this more than most.

Haven Network was founded by Chris Casey and is run by a dedicated team to address female sexual abuse but we now welcome all victims of abuse, regardless of gender.

If you have experienced abuse, whether as a child, recently or still in an abusive relationship we are here to support you.

Female Domestic Abuse & Violence – Women and Girls Who Have Been Abused by Women…

If you have experienced abuse at the hands of another woman, whether sexually, physically or emotionally, you need support.

Sadly, our society often finds it difficult to believe or accept that women are capable of being predators.

As such, it can be much more difficult for a woman or girl to speak about what she has gone through and know she will be heard.

Often, those who are meant to nurture and protect us are the ones who exploit that power.

Abuse at the hands of a mother is a horrific crime, but one which is more common than we may think.

The impact of mother/daughter abuse can have lasting implications, putting the victim/survivor at greater risk of self-harm, self-esteem issues, and negative body image.

At Haven, we offer you acceptance, belief, counselling and support, helping you to work through these issues.

Female Domestic Abuse & Violence – Pregnancy…

If you have been sexually abused or raped you may be at risk of an unwanted pregnancy or have conflicted feelings about your situation.

Sexual abuse can also happen during pregnancy, leaving the victim/survivor in a desperate place.

Both of these situations are incredibly traumatic for the victim/survivor, and because of the nature of the attack can be difficult to talk about.

If you have been raped and think you may be at risk of becoming pregnant, we encourage all victims/survivors of female sexual abuse to seek medical care.

This is particularly important if you are pregnant.

If you are too scared or are feeling too vulnerable to report an attack, speak to someone you trust who will be able to help you access immediate support.

At Haven Network we can also offer you advice and support for as long as you need us, putting you in touch with any additional support services that you might need.