Sarah, 16 – Female

Sarah, 16 – Female – Sexual Abuse…

We wanted to write to thank you for seeing our daughter.

As you are aware, she came to see you when she was at an all-time low following at least 18 months of suffering from cycles of insomnia and depression.

This was directly linked to the experience she had when she was younger.

We as parents were at loss as to how else to help our daughter and were so thankful to Thorpe Coombe (Hospital) who recommended that we contact you.

I personally wanted to thank you for meeting with me, as I had been unable to speak with my normal group of friends about what had happened to our daughter.

And I felt so much better being able to ‘offload’ all the anxiety and negative feelings I had been carrying around.

More importantly, however, is the change we have witnessed in our daughter since she came to see you.

She is a different girl, she is the daughter we had years ago, and it makes us realise for how long she was suffering from the consequences of what happened to her.

She has become much more positive in her outlooks, and seems to be taking more responsibility for her behaviour and is actually planning for her future.

We cannot thank you and your team enough for what you have done. 

You have given us back our lovely daughter.

Not only have you armed her with the skills and confidence to deal with what happened to her.

She has the assurance that there is someone there who knows how it feels, she is not the only one, and that it is possible to get on with life in a positive way.

We know that there is still some way to go with her but wanted to write to thank you for the amazing work that you have done so far.


Thank you!