Case Histories

Case Histories…

At the Haven Network, we understand the courage it can take to come forward and talk about the abuse you have suffered.

We have counsellors with an array of qualifications, awards from leading bodies, and the support of the local community.

However, our best testimony comes from those who have used our services themselves.

Here you can read the case histories and stories of three survivors who have used the Haven Network to recover from sexual abuse.

Lisa, Sarah and Steve each passed through our doors looking for help, hope, and understanding; here are their stories…


Lisa, 32

“I was welcomed by Haven who supported me through a traumatic time. Twice they opened their doors and understanding to me. At this time I needed to be heard, believed and held.  My counsellor enabled me to find the courage to face each day and helped to find the strength to grow and rebuild my life.


Sarah, 16

“We as parents were at loss as to how else to help our daughter and were so thankful to Thorpe Coombe (Hospital) who recommended that we contact you.”


Steve, 45

“When I started my sessions at Haven I wasn’t too sure about how the process would work, but after sitting down with my counsellor I instantly felt at ease and was very happy to talk.”