What We Believe In

Understanding Abuse Survivors requires a cohesive system of values runs throughout everything we do at Haven Network.

From beginning to end, the work that we carry out with survivors of abuse is based around three core priorities.

The principles which our organisation champions are:

Listening & Believing

As a survivor of abuse, finding the courage to talk through your experience and open up to someone is a huge step; we know that it takes a great deal of strength to get to that point.

The team at Haven is here to listen and to be a judgement-free space for victims/survivors to speak their truth.

We believe, and show respect for, the people who seek our help; we never assign blame or question a victim’s choices.

Abuse is never the fault of the abused.

Comforting & Reassuring

Reliving traumatic memories can be a hugely therapeutic process, but without the right support, it can do more harm than good.

As a network founded by a survivor of abuse, we understand the importance of providing trusted, caring counsellors to help on this journey.

We believe in providing comfort and reassurance to victims/survivors.

We stand side by side with victims/abuse survivors, giving compassion at a time of need.

Our trained counsellors are ready to provide an invaluable support system, helping victims/abuse survivors to come to terms with their experience/s.

Healing & Empowering

Having been supported to explore the feelings left behind by abuse, victims/abuse survivors become able to look forward.

We believe in healing and empowering our clients, giving them the tools they need to make a fresh start.

In order to move on and create a new future, victims/survivors of abuse need to feel at peace within themselves.

The process of healing allows the individual to focus on new beginnings, not ignoring the abuse they suffered, but being able to move forward with their lives.