About Haven Network – For Survivors of Abuse… 

Haven Network is unique in that it is the only organisation in Waltham Forest and the surrounding London boroughs that offer a specific service to victims of sexual violence and/or sexual abuse and domestic violence.

Haven supports, assists and empowers young people and adults who have suffered incest, childhood sexual violence or and/or abuse, domestic violence, physical, mental and emotional abuse, rape and torture.

For those interested in learning more about Haven Network – The Charity was founded in 1982 by Chris Casey, herself a survivor of abuse, who realised that there was a lack of services for victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Incest.

Initially called Waltham Forest Incest Survivors Group, it was based firstly at the Waltham Forest Women’s Centre.

Later we moved to Greater London House in Leytonstone, before moving to its present premises in The Peterhouse Community Centre in Walthamstow.

The change in name was a natural progression that followed the increase of referrals covering all forms and aspects of sexual abuse.

The Haven Network is a registered charity.

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Fauzia Mir - The Haven Network - Dec 2022 v1

Fauzia Mir – Office Manager

Chris Casey MBE - Haven Network - For Survivors of Abuse







Chris Casey – CEO

Annual report 

To read our accounts and the Trustee’s annual reports please visit the Charity Commission website.